We Specialize in Launcher

A Launcher by characteristic is the most frequently used App on Android phones. And Launchers have a very powerful customization capability. But to some, it can be a very difficult feature to explore on. With Buzz Launcher & Homepack Buzz, you can personalize complicating Android features, with a single touch of a button! Innovating your smartphone has never been easier!

Buzzpia members have been on projects together with Samsung, LG, Huawei, Sharp, and more than 70 Global Companies. Through a high understanding of Android Development, and a plentiful experience background, we have launched Buzz Launcher and Homepack Buzz.


Buzz Launcher & Homepack Buzz, is for the 700 million Android Smartphone users to freely share beautiful home screens and explore unique and undiscovered apps with each other.


We seek to help users find their unique Homescreens and learn about new and valuable apps, through our Buzz Launcher and Homepack Buzz service. Buzzpia is waiting for passionate and challenging individuals with high interest in the mobile future.