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Launcher and Widgets have a highly engaging relationship with each other. But users need to put extra effort customizing widget setups – due to the fact that widget setting information is not shared with launchers. Many Android users have the need for personalization, but think that it is very complicating and difficult.

However, Buzz Launcher can change that. We can change this inconvenience by collaborating together!! Simply, you need to add our library & code to your widget to interface with Buzz Launcher for automatic setting. And be able to provide users with a fully customized, one-touch applying of your widget!

Join our Developer Partnership and let’s succeed in the mobile industry together!
"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."
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Developer Partnership Status

  • UCCW


  • Battery widget Z

    Battery widget Z

  • 여기 날씨

    여기 날씨

  • Power Toggles

    Power Toggles

  • Sol Calendar

    Sol Calendar

  • Sol Mail

    Sol Mail

  • TheDayBefore


  • Memo Widget

    Memo Widget

  • Minimalistic Text

    Minimalistic Text